How often do you feel like you've just hit that proverbial brick wall in your career or just life in general?

Great coaching facilitates finding the answers to your dilemmas allowing alternative routes to get over, around or through any blockages. It gives you the opportunity for time to explore and challenge yourself, so often lacking in today's hyper connected world.

The growth in confidence and trust in your own thought processes and decisions driven by professional coaching can have a dramatic impact on personal, team and organisational performance.

Time after time coaching comes out on top as the best way to support personal and professional growth.  

I coach across the full spectrum of challenges life may test us with:

  • Life coaching
  • Positivity and goal coaching
  • Career/professional Coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Executive coaching

I am sensitive to your lifestyle commitments and can provide coaching face to face in my office, by phone or skype at a mutually agreeable time and place.

Coaching Outdoors

When-ever possible I love to take my clients outside, allowing us to enjoy the fresh air, enabling a more relaxed, less formal conversation. The green space really takes us away from some of the everyday distractions allowing for more focus. Of course if we end up in a café then that's an additional bonus too.

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