October Workshop - Conversations with Clout

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What comes out of our mouth is only the tip of the conversational iceberg. 

Great relationships begin with Great conversations

·        How many times have you shied away from that important conversation?

·        How many times have you got tongue tied when it mattered?

·        How many times has emotion got in the way of a great conversation?

In this 3 hour workshop You will discover some simple hacks for managing self, getting to the heart of the matter and creating trust.  We will work on techniques to deeply listen, be persuasive not pressurising and to get results that matter to you.  You will leave with the confidence to apply some of the new techniques and tools you will have learned.  Sometimes it’s the simplest approaches that have the biggest impacts.

If you manage people, work in small teams, run projects, work in a customer facing environment, interact with humans by phone or in person, then this session is for you!

This workshop will be highly engaging and participative, bring your energy and a sense of humour. 



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